September 10, 2018

I’m way beyond delighted to unveil a preview of the first chapter of the Monstrous Devices audiobook, as beautifully read by the tremendous ALLAN CORDUNER. The audio edition, created by the awesome and excellent team at LISTENING LIBRARY will be released the same day the book is published, October 16.

In the meantime, if you’re sitting comfortably, ear-goggles on, and we’ll begin:


August 27, 2018

Lend me your ears! Work begins this week on the recording of a Monstrous Devices audiobook. It’s coming via the fine folks of LISTENING LIBRARY

The audio edition is being read by the wonderful actor ALLAN CORDUNER, whose packed CV includes his excellent performance as Arthur Sullivan in Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy. Mr Corduner is a fantastic narrator, as demonstrated by his work on the audiobook of THE BOOK THIEF among others. More  on the audiobook soon.

Meanwhile, in other news: the publication of MONSTROUS DEVICES has been brought forward by a month. The release date is now October 16, which means it will be out in time for Halloween, a good thing. Both the book and audio edition will be available from that date, and some pre-order links are already active, see the main page for those.


July 23, 2018

Spotted in the wild: early copies of Monstrous Devices on giveaway at ComiCon in San Diego

June 22, 2018

Spotted in the wild: A real honour to see advance copies of Monstrous Devices representing at the American Library Association Conference in New Orleans this weekend. That’s a pretty good-looking spiral o’books.


June 3, 2018

Live from New York City, where I am joined by the tin toy robot that first planted the seeds for MONSTROUS DEVICES in my mind. (Although the toy  in the book is a little different from this fella.)


Robots over Manhattan

In NYC, it was a true pleasure to meet and share the stage with authors Mark Tatulli, Patti Kim, Molly Brooks and Marie Cruz as we all talked about our books on the Middle Grade Buzz Panel at Book Expo. And it was fantastic afterwards to get to meet some of the librarians, booksellers and educators who came along to hear about the books.


book expo panel 5 copy

Marie Cruz, Patti Kim, Damien Love, Molly Brooks, Mark Tatulli

Meanwhile – given that we’re usually separated by the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean – it was great to finally get a chance to meet my editor Alex Ulyett and the team of mighty incredibles that make up Viking Children’s Books and Penguin Young Readers, as well as the lovely people of Inkwell Management.

Alex took part in a panel with the editors of the Buzz Books at Book Expo, and there’s a report on that here:

A whirlwind couple of days, but the trip was a blast, with New York City being New York City all the while. (A chance to take a sunset stroll along the length of the High Line was one of innumerable highlights.)


Apple Stretching


Sunbathing Cat


A Skyline from the High Line




Apple Yawning

May 30, 2018

Publishers Weekly is running interviews today with the authors and the editors of the books that have been selected for the Middle Grade Buzz panel at BookExpo, which is taking place Friday June 1.

The editors (including the fantastic Alex Ulyett, who edited Monstrous Devices for Viking Children’s Books) talk about the titles here:

Meanwhile,  the authors (including me) talk a little about their books here:

May 28, 2018

Very excited to be heading off to NYC to attend on Friday (June 1), where MONSTROUS DEVICES has been selected as one of the books on the Middle Grade Buzz panel. There’s fantastic variety to the five titles chosen for the panel this year, with books that range from the schoolyard to deep space, via Manila’s North Cemetery. The other four books are (in alphabetical order by author):



• I’M OK by


It’s a pleasure to be in their company.

March 16, 2018

I’m way beyond thrilled to unveil the cover for MONSTROUS DEVICES – I didn’t have anything to do with it, so I’m allowed to say I think it’s great, the kind of cover that can set you dreaming before you’ve even read a word inside.

The artwork is by the multi-talented illustrator Sam LeDoyen, who can also be found on twitter here. The typography and layout for the entire book is by Viking’s art director wizard Jim Hoover. This book is proud to wear their work.


March 9, 2018

Gobsmacking news to learn that MONSTROUS DEVICES has been selected as one of the “Buzz Picks” for this year’s BookExpo, to be held in New York City in early June.

BookExpo is the American’s publishing industry’s biggest annual trade fare, and Buzz titles are (to quote from Publisher’s Weekly) “Book Expo’s annual roundup of the top authors and titles expected to resonate with readers in the coming publishing seasons in the adult, YA, and middle grade categories. The books are chosen by three separate committees made up of publishing industry professionals, who select titles from lists submitted by exhibiting publishers.”


MONSTROUS DEVICES is one of only five titles picked in the Middle Grade category, alongside Everlasting Nora by Marie Cruz (Starscape); I’m OK by Patti Kim (Atheneum Books for Young Readers) Sanity & Tallulah, Book 1 by Molly Brooks (Disney-Hyperion); and Short and Skinny by Mark Tatulli (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers).

More about all this in June.

February 20, 2017

Here’s an understatement: I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my novel MONSTROUS DEVICES is going to be published in the USA by Viking Children’s Books in November 2018.

This is the official announcement as published in Publishers Weekly:
PW announcement Feb 20 2017