Monstrous Devices

My novel Monstrous Devices (a strange adventure for readers aged 9-12, stuffed with magic, mystery, derring-do and generally ill-advised behaviour) will be published by Viking Children’s Books in November 2018.

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What people have said about Monstrous Devices:

“I enjoyed everything about Damien Love’s debut–its title, its breakneck action, its sly sense of humor. If you imagine Rick and Morty colliding with early Spielberg, you get some idea of this delirious adventure . . . and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it on the screen. I wish my first novel had been as imaginative and assured.” – ANTHONY HOROWITZ, New York Times bestselling author of the Alex Rider series

“What fun! An evil villain, a host of scary robots, big and small, and a hero with commendably bad personal habits. Loved it!” – JOHN FLANAGAN, New York Times bestselling author of the Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband series

Monstrous Devices effortlessly brings mythic legend and modern life together in one exhilarating, breathless chase. With humor, relentless adventure, and true insight, Damien Love compels us to look closely at our wishes and illusions, at the dark and light forces of creation, at what really makes us tick.” — S.E. GROVE, New York Times bestselling author of The Glass Sentence


On a winter’’s day in a British town, twelve-year-old Alex receives a package in the mail: an old tin robot from his grandfather. ““This one is special” says the enclosed note, and when strange events start occurring around him, Alex suspects this small toy is more than special; it might be deadly.

Right as things get out of hand, Alex’’s grandfather arrives, pulling him away from an attack —and his otherwise humdrum world of friends, bullies, and homework —and into the macabre magic of an ancient family feud. Together, the duo flees across snowy Europe, unraveling the riddle of the little robot while trying to outwit relentless assassins of the human and mechanical kind….


MONSTROUS DEVICES is now available for pre-order from booksellers including:

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(…or ask about it at your local!)

More on this to come. Meanwhile, here’s a drawing I did of a robot.